ad draft 2Located in the Heart of Washington State, in the Northwest corner of the USA, Yakima has long been a place of business and agricultural innovation. In the early days, that meant lumber and farming. Today, Yakima is the #1 region in the state for agricultural bounty including apples, wine grapes, mint, asparagus, hay berries and eggplant. Not a lot of people know that this region is also responsible for 75% of the hop (a key ingredient in beer) production in the world!

Yakima’s 300+ days of bright sunshine not only nurtures agricultural bounty but it also encourages business innovation in the area of Craft beverage production. In 1982, Bert Grants Brewery opened in downtown Yakima, the first craft brewery to open in the country. In 1983 Yakima Valley became the first official wine growing appellation north of California. Today artisanal cider makers and spirits distillers join the brewers and vintners in the region to create the vibrant and growing Craft Brewer community of Yakima.