Get Your Map!

Download Your Map
  1. Choose Your Destinations

    When planning your tour, be smart and double check the hours, you don't want to be left dry.
  2. Get Stamped

    Don't forget to get stamped at each location in order to complete your map. Heads up, minimum purchases may be required, but this is really about tasting the valley, right?
  3. Collect Your Reward

    After your 10th stamp, the legendary Craft Beverage Yakima 32-oz. mini growler is yours to claim (hurrah!) One growler (not filled) awarded for each completed map, one per person. If your final location is out of growlers, please email and we will let you know which location has them in stock. Growlers available while supplies last – so get a move on.
  4. Take it Easy

    There's no time limit to complete the valley tour, so be safe and pace yourself. You can take a week, a month (or several!) to stamp up your map.

Craft Beverage Yakima encourages you to drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive, drink to excess or drink with certain medications or medical conditions. For more information, please visit or contact your health provider.